PENNINE PENS is run from our home office in Hebden Bridge in the Yorkshire Pennines. We began creating websites in 1995 and our first book was published in 1991.

We celebrated "10 Years of Pennine Pens" at a packed Little Theatre in Hebden Bridge, October 2001 - download the Pennine Pens: a brief history pamphlet we prepared for the event.

As we are a small organisation, we are very flexible. Changes, additions and amendments to our pages can be emailed or phoned through to us and applied almost instantly, and this can often be out of normal hours.

We are part of a talented geographical and digital community. Where necessary, we employ professional photographers, artists or other designers to assist us.

Pennine Pens also publishes books - see our current list. We therefore have literary skills which we bring to our web creation work.

Our web pages are designed in co-operation with our clients.

We have a background in education. We are therefore well qualified to arrange training packages or courses.

We are committed to improving the environment. For us, the Internet and working from our home offices is part of that commitment.