Me, Mick and M31
Andrew Bibby
There is something mysterious about Molly's new next-door neighbour. Why does she have a big pink van which advertises pizzas? Where does she drive off to late at night? And what has this to do with a strange organisation called Fight the Light, with its instructions to keep watching M31?

Molly and her friend Mick decide to find out. Their efforts lead to a series of night-time adventures and to their discovery of an unusual environmental campaign. An exciting and enjoyable story - especially for anyone who likes pizzas...

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ISBN 1 873378 12 2


Times Educational Supplement

Remote galaxies, the mysteries of the universe and the trouble today's star gazers have in finding dark enough skies above Britain's well-lit towns and cities, sound more like the stuff of science than English lessons, but a new book and teaching pack by writer and journalist Andrew Bibby bridges both worlds.

Me, Mick and M31 is the enigmatic title for an unusual environmental mystery adventure aimed at children aged between 8 and 12. Andrew Bibby...has made a confident step into children's publishing with this book, illustrated with pen line drawings by Sean Creagh.

Astronomy Now
This is a novel book aimed at introducing the idea of light pollution to children....Molly follows her new next-door-neighbour's efforts to convince a local supermarket to erect downward pointing lights in their car park.

Since the book is aimed at children, I used my nine year old daughter as guinea-pig. She disappeared with it, only to emerge when she came across the mention of BAA's Campaign for Dark Skies in the author's final word on the last page. She wrote what she thought: "The book, Me, Mick and M31, is a good one. I liked it very much. It's rather exciting and funny...."

The brief information on the back is encouraging and it made the book sound really mysterious and exciting. I would certainly read another of Andrew Bibby's books

Yorkshire Post
It's a brutal and harsh world we live in, as writers of children's fiction are apt to remind us all too often.

There is some wonderful work around from the school of realism, of course, as the winning titles on all the major awards lists testify. But occasionally there's a yearning for escapism or just a little light relief.

This need not indicate any drop in standards as proved by the delightful Me, Mick and M31 by Andrew Bibby (Pennine Pens, 5.95). This is a classically structured mystery story, with good characterisation and - not just incidentally - some mouth watering descriptions - of pizza!

The publishers were so impressed on reading the manuscript - particularly by its un-patronising tone - that they also put together an accompanying schools' package. And M31? Can't possibly say; it would be giving the game away.

Halifax Evening Courier
The Hebden Bridge journalist and writer developed an interest in the night sky when he was walking his dog on the towpath of the Rochdale Canal near his home.

His new book, Me, Mick and M31, is a mystery story with an unusual environment theme. It is concerned with the issue of light pollution and the threat to the night skies from artifical light from our towns and cities.

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